Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sketch Saturday #386

This is my little card:

...inspired by Sketch Saturday #386:

Supplies & notes:
  • Whoa, what an accidental art project we got here... 
  • This stared out as a scratch library card I had handy to even out some Distress Paint on a dauber. I tap-tap-tapped... Fast-forward a few hours and I was cleaning some Liquid Leaf off of a brush... Fast-forward another hour and I was sealing an old book page with Mod Podge and used this scrap to practice my technique (this time I smoothed the Mod Podge with an old hotel keycard... Try it, it works pretty well)
  • So then today I kept looking at this lovely "scratch paper" and just kept seeing little lanterns.  I was sitting at the table as my daughter was reading and I grabbed a fine-tipped Sharpie and sketched what I'd been envisioning! (Zoom in if you need to... I think this turned out pretty cool for being an accident!)
  • I was going to leave it as a little bookmark, but I couldn't find the gold tassel I thought I had.  The Sketch Saturday challenge fit the bill. I'll send this to my sis. She loves anything of the Orient.
  • Also, maybe I'll add some sort of bling along the lower left edge of the "scratch paper"...


  1. Beautiful lanterns, Mimi! What a great make, Jo x

  2. Very artsy and cool looking lanterns! Love your style!

  3. This is very beautiful! Love the color combo. It's fun when things come together like that isn't it?!
    Thanks so much for joining us last week at Sketch Saturday - sure do appreciate you sharing your beautiful work with us.