Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Retro #188

My 7-year-old daughter made this!

This is her very own entry:

(FYI, Mini-Mimi even took this image)

I was up early this morning,  checking Blogland, and she woke up and came out,  and asked, "Are there any crafting sites for kids?"  I told her she could enter any of the challenges I enter,  so I showed her a few,  and she chose this sketch at Retro Sketches:

Supplies and notes:
  • Mini-Mimi wanted to make a Valentine's card,  and hatched an idea in her head and used her own scrap-supplies from her own scrap-cart (awwww). I only helped with the cutting of the actual card,  the cuttinf of the background,  and the heat embossing (mostly because I didn't want her to get burnt!)
  • She used craft scissors (Fiskars from my original-scrap-gangster days!) to trim the corners of the background (I would have never thought to do that!)
  • She used a Fiskars heart punch
  • She stamped the heart with her own stamp and her own Color Box ink, then we embossed with clear Stampendous EP.  She inked the edges with the same Color Box ink, after she cut it out with some more old craft scissors 
Dad and I are so proud!  Good luck,  Mini-Mimi!

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  1. Please tell your daughter I think she made a wonderful card! Many adults struggle with sketch challenges, but it seems she did that with ease. A talented young girl:)