Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How I spent my summer vacation...

...or at least my first week off work (this past week):

The purpose of this post is to let my handful of bloggy friends know what I've been doing instead of visiting blogs and saying hi... Hi! I've been out of town and busy with friends and family! It's all good, but I'm soooo glad to be home!

In the pix above, you'll see my kids, my niece, my folks, and two of my best friends.  The flowers are all in my folks' yard.

As far as creative endeavors during the week away go, i made the rubber band tag for my mom... mostly to antagonize her-- she has strong irrational dislike for rubber bands. She detests them and does not keep them on hand. So in her junk drawer she has multiples of every possible office supply or tool you can imagine but NO rubber bands. I was laughing so hard. They should make a reality TV show about my mom.  She cray-cray.

I also made those lobster buoys which will be table numbers at Sarah's wedding.

Speaking of the wedding, Sarah picked her dress, and all bridesmaids (including me) got dresses ordered! The picture of me roughly in the center above is in the dress I ordered, except mine will be full length and navy blue.

So happy to be home! My husband even watered all of the flowers while we were gone, and he worked on the scrap shack! (He missed us!)



  1. Very nice photos thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Mimi, these are the kind of posts I enjoy most! Thank you for sharing you first week off in the summer! Looks like time well spent! I think the dress in navy and floor length is going to be gorgeous! You look maaavelous! (I adore your haircut!)

    Love those lobster bouys! How clever! What are they made from? I had a laugh at the rubberband tag you made for your Mom! So funny to have an irrational dislike for the rubber. But we never understand these things. Phobias (not saying your Mom's dislike is a phobia)--I have several, including glue, of all things! I work through it, although with my recent metal heart project, I nearly passed out with the stress of gluing all those keys and tacks! Having a phobia, I still find it hard to understand other's phobia's but try to let them have them. My daughter's is of mascots--something I just can't get my head around. I tell her--just imaging them out of the costume--they're just people. But she tries and it doesn't work. Ah, we all have our hang ups!

    So many thanks for sharing your photos and for your visit to my blog; it means so much to me! Hugs to you!

  3. I am so frustrated - "texted" out this big ole comment on my phone and it vanishes! Every one is doing that now and I don't know why or what to do. Restart didn't help. Boo! And my computer time will be very limited now, so I am so saddened... Anyway, I was trying to say how delighted I am to see you having so much fun, what an inspiration in itself! Love love your amazing family, down to the rubber band phobia and creative tag inspiration! You are so pretty and I send my biggest hugs through this comment to you! <3 Autumn

  4. you have cute kids
    so many lovely Photo and nice flowers photo too
    I have seen your sweet smile too
    great photo all Mimi
    happy holiday and happy 4th July

  5. What a treat to see some photo slices into the life of YOU! And wow- what an awesome eye you have for photography, too! Those flower pics are amazing! I loved seeing each and every one of these!

  6. This looks great, I bet you have loads of fun over the hols, love to see all the flowers.