Monday, June 27, 2016

Simon Says... play tic-tac-toe!

OOPS... my initial post was titled "SimAn says..."-- how embarassing...

Yay!  I love Simon Says... Monday and I love tic-tac-toe challenges!  Ready to go!

And here is the way I played:

Supplies and notes:

  • I used an ATC-sized piece of cardboard  which originally came from some holiday salt and pepper shakers... as I typed that, I am wondering what I did to the shakers? Why did I dismantle their box??? I guess I'll find out after Thanksgiving...
  • I peeled up some edges of the carboard and wiped it down with the dabber-end of Distress Paint in Weathered Wood
  • Next, washi from Target was added in the corner where I decided to hole-punch it and string it with some of my fave yarn and a newly-acquired tassel from Michael's
  • I added stenciled polka dots through a Heidi Swapp stencil with Distress Ink in Peacock Feathers, then I stenciled through a Heidi Swapp basket-weave stencil with Picked Raspberries (FYI, I just bought the mini DI pack with Peacock Feathers and Picked Raspberries when I was out of town last week... I've been waiting for that one.  Now I want the mini-pack with Abandoned Coral... waiting... waiting... maybe my next trip out of town in a couple weeks...)
  • After that, I added more blue by running along the edges with a Distress Crayon in Chipped Sapphire (I use that one the most...) and wiped it in with my finger.  I love the way the faint corrugated lines of the cardboard showed through on the untorn cardboard.
  • Finally a saying was added with a Pebeo Relief Liner in Imitation Lead: this is naturally another line from a Modest Mouse song.  The song is using metaphors for how somebody is "the good things," but the lines are like: "You're the loud sound of fun when I'm trying to sleep," and "You're the flowers in my house when my allergies come out..."-- actually, here are the lyrics, enjoy!  LOL!
 You were right I'm hangin' 'round because

Light and sound won't separate us from them
You were right I'm underground because
Slight of hand won't separate your body from the dirt you're standing on today
You're the good things yeah that's you...
You're the icing on the cake on the table at my wake
You're the extra ton of cash on my sinking life raft
You're the loud sound of fun when I'm trying to sleep
You're the flowers in my house when my allergies come out
You're the good things...
And help's not short when you're diggin' your grave
I'll help you dig it

So you're diggin' your grave now you're speakin' my language I'll help you dig it

I will send this to my Modest Mouse loving sister who actually introduced me to them back in the late 1990s.


  1. What fun! Great lyrics and awesome MM! The sentiment looks fab against your cool bg and the tassel is to die for cool! <3

  2. wooow the cardboard the peeled up some edge
    looks fantastic and many texture on it Mimi
    the text did you write it Mimi
    woow you have a great hand writing not like mine haha
    great Tag Mimi

  3. Cool tag! Always a winner when you can include some corrugate board! Recycle! Hugs!