Friday, January 1, 2016

To my sis

Well, I made this card for my sister.  Pandas were her favorite animal as a child.  Might be still.

Anyway, she spoiled me for xmas, and this will be her "Thank You".  I'm also hoping it will inspire her to create art more than she does.  She and my brother are incredibly talented artists, yet she shared with me recently that she is just "not into it" these days*-- no time, yada yada.  I'm like, "You don't have kids!  Trust me: you have time!"  (That is not to say that childless people are not busy, but because I know my sister is talented combined with the fact that I don't believe she has any other time-consuming hobbies [she might say "sleep"], I think she could scratch out a little time.)  Anyway, anyway, anyway... I digress.

Here's her "Thank you":

*And to be fair and to share happy news, she actually DID get creative for xmas!  She painted pictures for me, my brother, and finished a piece that my mother (also a crazy artist) had left unfinished for years.  This is my new precious:

I wish I'd taken pix of her other art gifts-- she is awesome.

I was planning to enter this into Sketch Saturday #392 but I was too late.  How about Inkspirational: Bah Humbug?!  Okay!

Here's the sketch, FYI:


  • Duh... an old library card as the base
  • I stenciled the base using a Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous Stripes stencil inked with Tim's Victorian Velvet and Vintage Photo, misted, and pressed.  It also got a little Mermaid alcohol ink on it... hmmm... how did that happen? (You should see that stack of technique cards I have stacked up.  Fun stuff happens.)
  • The panda stamp was from a junk heap in the school (every school has a dumping-ground room, and every teacher insists they don't dump, but we all do it...) Anyway, I grabbed these awesome basic animal stamps.  Worth their weight in gold.  I love them.
  • Studio Calico stars
  • Prima sugardots
  • ARC cherry wood tape (this stuff is radical... along with birds, I have a thing for wood and trees)
  • "THANKS" stamped out in MementoLuxe black using a Target $3 alphabet


  1. Your panda card is fabulous and I love the reason you had for creating it, both as a thank you and as an "inspiration" for your sister! I hope it sparks her into embracing her own artistry on a regular (dare I say frequent) basis. Looks like she made a step or two in that direction with the gifts she created for you and your brother. That owl is amazing! Thank you for sharing your artistry at Inkspirational challenges! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. The random paint splashes on the tag with panda has a great effect. I like this kind of grungy look, so far away from my own style...