Friday, January 15, 2016

I promise...

I promise this is for crafting purposes!

After I filed this mister,  though,  and labeled it,  I had to take a picture!

It just makes me laugh!

It might just turn into Binaca! Haha!

Noooo... now, if you see a slice of lemon and some tonic bubbles...

But really,  in this case,  I intend to use this fine potato juice for various crafting purposes, from paper prep to alcohol inks. Oooh, I sense I science project coming on...

I wonder if different alcohols will perform different functions. Like,  will my husband's fancy gin destroy more lignin in a paper's surface than,  say,  vodka? Probably a negligible difference there because their alcohol content is about the same.  But it would be neat to compare my vodka vial with standard rubbing alcohol.

Anyway... happy Friday!

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