Friday, January 15, 2016

Amazing friends... sharin' the love...

I received the most awesome happy mail last week from my homegirl Autumn at Sew Paper Paint...  I mean, it wasn't even happy mail... it was flat-out glorious.

Look.  Just look:

No, really, she sent all of that, and even some stuff you can't even see in the image!  So, this all came down the pipe because I mentioned somewhere that I did not have a die-cut machine. This amazing woman, Autumn, said she had one and would happily send it!  Of course I offered to pay, but she sweetly said she'd love to share-- that's how she is!  There are no words to describe how amazing this gift package was.  It was... amazing.  I remain pretty speechless.  I mean, what is this other than amazing?--  Incredible?  Generous?

It's very simple, really: Autumn is a kind, good-hearted, and practical crafter.  She is friendly, up-beat, and loves to help others (as evidenced here by my mail).  She could not have bestowed this on a more grateful recipient.

In the image above*, you can see the Cuttlebug along with multiple plates, a 2016 calendar, multiple embossing folders, four REALLY COOL stamp sets, some earrings that I think she made (!), a box of 60 cards and envelopes... plus, an Autumn-made card!

*Pardon my messy desk, but I'm still moving into the shack and rearranging when I can... which is, like, daily, because it has been so cold I have to haul all of my "freezables" into the house at night...

Here is the beautiful card that was right on top when I opened the package:

And you know, it was such a busy day when I received it, and when I got home from the P.O. (and grocery store, and work, and picking up kids), there were 10 million things going on, and I still snuck in the house to open this-- I was too excited.  Then I had to go attend to the 10 million things that were going on, and then a few hours later I snuck out to the shack and got loco!  Here's a collage of what happened:

So, thank you, Autumn.  This is a very public thank-you, but I have to recognize this as loudly as I can: the crafting community in the blogosphere is so incredible.  And good deeds and kind gestures breed more good deeds and kind gestures... it is a truth. XOXO.


  1. Wow! You lucky girl, Autumn sure sounds like a nice lady...

  2. Sweetie, I am so very happy that these goodies found a happy home (or shack ;0) They were sent with love. <3

  3. Aw, care packages from fellow crafters are the BEST!