Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where the magic happens...

Been so busy... no crafting time to be had in days, and even then it was minimal!  I have,  however,  been enjoying my flowers!

Here's a picture of the scrap shack and it's glorious flowers!

At this point, we need to add a few boards, add the trim, and add a step to the exterior.
Inside still needs drywall and insulation.  All of this is on the back-burner while we are
re-roofing the house. 

This is where the magic happens... 


  1. I wish I had a little magic cabin myself. Enjoy the flowers and weather!
    Ps: my most recent card (but not for long) is one I've made using one of your library cards...

  2. How cute! Looks like a happy place!

  3. How cute! Looks like a happy place!

  4. I hate my phone bc I try and try to get it to comment, but nothing! I've restarted and everything. Guess it thinks I'm a spammer... Wish you could ask Blogger WHY on some stuff! WHY??!! Anyway, I am over the moon happy to see a glimpse at your space again, in the summer. So so pretty and amazing and clever all together! You are one super lucky babe. Hugs, Autumn