Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I knew exactly what stamp set I was going to use for this challlenge!!!  Go check out Snapping Monsters, and after you are done "oohing" and "ahhing" over her stuff, click on the link to her Etsy shop.  Hope she still has some of her stamps in stock!

Anyway, here is the little card set I came up with for the current CASology challenge:


All together now...

This is the first card I made in this sitting.  I scribbled and I liked it, but then I added water to fill in the palette spots and actually don't like it as much as when the crayons just showed the texture of the paper.  

Here's the CASology graphic:

Supplies and notes:

  • Andrea's stamps inked with Ranger Archival in Jet Black
  • All Distress Crayons having color (i.e. not the Vintage pack)
  • The paper is letterpress paper.  It feels like watercolor paper, but the fibers are not as bonded together-- it's a little softer, if you will.  Think about what letterpress paper would be like...
  • The yarn on the two hemi-palette cards is from a purchase from Andrea's shop!  She was very generous with her wrapping, and I probably had 2/3 yard, but it is now gone.  Thanks!
Here are som efun pix of the process:
This is how I laid out my colors.  It looked so cool that I snapped a pic.

This image shows my first attempt prior to adding water.  I liked it like this, but imagine the possibilities!  Paints, pens, inks...
The stamp set itself is awesome... I've used it a lot, and it has provided much art-therapy!  Here are some cool pix of a cool play-date I had with them weeks ago:
Indescribably beautiful!

DI... mo' betterness...

Does anyone remember the first Batman movie with the Penguin (Danny DeVito), when he taped together all of those shredded documents?  I remember.  That's how I feel looking at this: like the little fat Penguin on Batman.

OMG, how cool is this???

If you'll notice the color wheel in mid-upper right, you'll see that I painted and individually cut the colors from the first picture, which is how I ended up with the stencil in the third picture... what a bonus bi-product!


  1. wooow Mimi
    what for ART creation you made
    the last Photo with the library card is stunning
    can be a geat TAG it is
    and the card wooow sweet I love the colors all there
    Lovely card lovely tag and you have lovely stamp too cool
    why dont you join our splatter challenge at Creative with Stamps Mimi
    you can join 3 times and this has splatter for sure...you are queen at splatter and mixed media creatifity.
    see you on CWS challenge soon

  2. Ingenious! Your 'art' card is...well, artistic *grin*! Another WOW...off to check out Snapping Monsters...

  3. Great card and love that you share how you did it.

  4. Perfect stamps for the CASology theme this week - no wonder you knew right away that you wanted to use them! I really like the ones where you've stamped the colour wheel off to the side. Gorgeous!

  5. If I'd spotted this image in store I wouldn't have noticed it. Or I wouldn't get it because I wouldn't know how to use it. Seeing your creations I feel totally different about it, like I'll have to get one!! Very inspirational, definitely very artsy!

  6. Mimi, this is amazingly FUN! Such a fun design, great colors, so artistic! Thanks or joining us at CASology!!

  7. This is really fun and artsy - perfect for this challenge! So glad you joined us at CASology this week, Mimi!

  8. MIMI! You've used these stamps even more brilliantly than I have! How cool to have these in the hands of such a talented chick-a! Thanks for making my stuff look so good!

  9. Love this fun and fabulous card, Mimi! So so perfect for our challenge! Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

  10. I have no words for the coolness here! WOAH!