Sunday, April 3, 2016

JUGS: What's the word?


This is my totally quick and cheesy card for the current Just Us Girls challenge:

Like I said, in my last post, I had plenty of free time this weekend and low motivation to craft.   I guess there's a lot to that, but I'll chalk it up to being tired.  So here's what will happen next: I'll be all inspired and my crafting soul will be on fire... and I'll have no time!  I need one of those magical days in which I create a multitude of cards that I'm hella pleased with and then I go to sleep smiling and dreaming of my next project...

Supplies and notes:

  • Just smooshed my card into a puddle of Chipped Sapphire and Stormy Sky DI + water and quickly heat-set to reduce the Chipped Sapphire's propensity to bleed into that funky chartreuse
    • See how that one splatter looks like the boots are actually stomping the puddle?  Feliix culpa...
  • The Stamp is an oldie from the dollar bins at Michael's, and the alpha-stamps are from the dollar bins at Target
  • I used a fine-tipped Sharpie for the outline


  1. You have some fabulous stamps, these rain boots are amazing and look so good in this puddle of watercolor. Hugs, Autumn

  2. Low mojo, but that doesn't show on this card, at all! Brilliant design, love the way you made the poodles and the black doodled lines around the edges look great on here.

  3. oh that is BRILLIANT!!! what a perfect card! yowza... seriously... you say low mojo, but i just see low-fuss perfection... ♥

  4. I want that boots stamp pleasee
    it can be red blue brown grey
    it is amazing stamp I want to have it but it is old one right
    no one sell it more huaaaa (CRY)
    Mimi I love your splatter
    I am not feeling good at making splatter
    I am bad at splatter
    you are good!! two thumbs up
    cute card my friend

  5. Love that splatter! Great card and I too love that boot stamp! Chrisx