Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wavy" hello"

This was fun...

By fun, I mean fun-ish.

Last week, my old lady dog started going downhill.  I could list the random things she's doing, but anyone who's has an old dog knows.  She's a big dog, so she has always been on "Buca-time," but now that she's ancient, she is on "frozen molasses Buca-time"... and while she was doing a 40-minute potty trip in the middle of the night Wednesday night, I did some sleepy watercoloring.

Supplies and notes:

  • Loew Cornel watercolors... pardon the random magenta stripe.  It was 3am.  Give me a break.
  • Fiskars heart punch
  • Booyah.


  1. I love the random magenta stripe! I think it adds character - so there! Love the watercoloring and the whole idea of this card - gorgeous.

  2. Your stripes are gorgeous! Well used time for sure! I guess what's most special and most destructive about women is their ability to multi-task at multi-tasking! LOL! Love the little anchor. <3

  3. Your nighttime art looks awesome, Mimi! A very different colored nautical themed card, how cool!

  4. ccoooolll how you colored that stripes
    and night time you still card making wooohooo
    I love that little heart there
    Great night time project Mimi