Sunday, April 10, 2016

Is it hare or is it deer?

It's neither! It's both! The fabled jackalope:

The quote comes from a Steve Earle song: Creepy Jackalope Eye.  I found it while looking for jackalope information for this tag... what a funky song! Definitely very '90s.  It has the sound of some of that alternative rock/par-grunge... kind of Presidents of the United States (remember "Peaches"?)  My favorite bands from this era (to this day) are The Breeders, The Toadies, and The Pixies.  Back in the day, I did a lot of The Cranberries and Stone Temple Pilots... and Beck! And of course that's when my generation found love for The Beatles and Led Zepplin, Aerosmith and The Steve Miller Band.  Ahhh, memory lane... What were you listening to in the 1990s?

Brief supplies list:
  • Golden jackalope from a Maggie Holmes diecut pack
  • Library card base with Dylusions in Vibrant Turquoise and Perfect Pearls in gold over a Heidi Swapp stencil
  • Quote typed on typewriter on gold vellum, but I wrote over top in pencil because the type was faint on the vellum
  • The jackalope's non-creepy eye is a gem from an antique piece of jewelry, glued on with glossy accents
  • The diamond strands were bought in bulk from my FAVE scrapbook store called Paradise Scrapbook Boutique
  • The gold wire is Darice
I plan to enter this into Tuesday Throwdown #288: Furry Friends.

Speaking of furry friends, for those of you who are dog-lovers, I'm sharing my baby... She's in her last days...


  1. Uh yes, all of the above. I'm a 90's chick too. LOL! This is such a cool, cool project! The vellum quote is amazing- oh my!!! Love this funky cool die and am swooning over this background. Awesome!

  2. The 90s, what a fabulous time! I listened to almost any kind of music, I was a bit all over the place: Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, e type, Haddaway, and I can't remember all the names of the groups....
    Now you're taking me down that memory lane too... And oh, not to forget your creation, how original and fun!

  3. Wow your reindeer so the sentiment n the background is wonderful..I listen to The Police...Europe...Bon Jovi...Van Halen..AHA...Aerosmith...I was playing keyboard on school finish day with a group band hehe are you Mimi..see you around..

  4. I've lived in the southwest all my life and you couldn't go into a single gift shop without a rack of postcards that featured the fabled jackalope. Glad to see someone's bringing back their popularity! Your mix of music was fun to read about and I have never been able to explain why I love the song Loser by Beck but I do, so there you have it.

  5. Oh this is gorgeous, first time I have seen a jackalope die cut! Love the gold vellum too! Your sweet dog looks adorable!

  6. What a treat I've had perusing your blog tonight instead of doing dishes. Totally the right choice! And I love this card! The geometric background looks fabulous and I adore those swags at the top. And what a fun topic to ponder-- the music I was listening to in the 90's! I remember Sting and U2 being played pretty heavily at the school assemblies that were run by the preppy student body officers, but then you had the skaters rockin' out to Nirvana and the goths jammin' to Depeche Mode and the Cure. My brother loved the Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon and Cypress Hill, so I heard a lot of that blaring through our shared wall at night and have a tender place in my heart for them because of it. I embraced all sorts of popular music of the time, but I remember being in a throwback mode, too. At some point in the 90's I was on a huge Simon and Garfunkel kick after I realized the name Garfunkel and his fro were not supposed to be funny and that the dude knew how to sing! But the best part of your post was being able to see your sweet dog! Thanks so much for sharing such a tender pic of your baby! Thoughts are still with you...!

  7. Love that picture of you and your furbabe. They make our lives whole. I was all over the place with music in the 90s... a little bit of everything! the Jackalope's eye certainly is unique!
    x Asha