Tuesday, January 2, 2018

SOS: Watercolor!

Happy 2018!

I'm posting today for Shopping Our Stash's first challenge of the year: Watercolor!  How about it?!  Join us for some watercoloring stash-busting fun!

I am a total fan of all watercolors-- if you add water, I love 'em.  For this challenge, I used what I believe to be my least-used watercolors: watercolor pencils.  But no: the fun didn't stop there: I actually have been stretching my drawing muscles and decided to go with it.  I hope that as well as inspiring you to watercolor with us at SOS, you will also consider doodling if you haven't in a while!

Pegaus-unicorns are hard to draw.
Ooh.. shimmery...

Pleased with how the llama turned out!  I hope you can see the pastel rainbow... it's very faint IRL, but it didn't help that I had terrible lighting.

Love this one.
This one is cute, too.  I drew it thinking it looked like Millie laying on the rug, but now with the blue background I think there should be a moon under her, i.e. cow jumping over the moon...

Eww... Millie looks weird here.  I started this one thinking I was going to do a one-line drawing but quit that after I made her look like she has a hairpiece on.

This is so simple, but I actually love the look of it.

Love this one because of the silvery slime I added under the snail!

My husband likes this one.  I had the darndest time with my lighting, again, so I hope you can make out the faint purple shadowing around the frame and under the plate.  The frosting is pink, and the cake is a pale yellow cake.

... and just for fun!  This was just a little drawing in my sketchbook.  I cut him out and decided to make a little bookmark! 
  • The stashiest part of these projects are the bases: all the painted-on panels were either scraps of dismantled cards (I recently went through my card stash and got rid of a bunch I detested) or from the pages of my sketch book.
  • Micron pens of various weights used for the drawings
  • 95% of the watercoloring was done using my Rexel Derwent watercolor pencils-- almost 20 years old-- and waterbrushes.  The shimmery watercolors are Finetec, and of those, I used metallics that had only been used when I first got them to test them.
  • The flower card has some Viva Paper Pearls in Anthracite for the flower centers
  • The unicorn, narwhal, and llama cards were mounted on previously inked Heidi Swapp resist paper-- another watercolored stash item!  These were inked with Color Bursts months ago. 
I hope you all have a wonderful year.  I look forward to seeing all of the fabulous projects 2018 will bring!

Now let's head to SOS to see what the team has come up with!


  1. You mentioned you have been doodling but wow these are awesome, I love the portrait of "millie" I think it's perfect. All the rest of the cards are super. and the bookmark tag is perfect.

  2. HOLY MACARONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm seriously IN AWE of your drawing and painting skill! YOWZA miss mimi! ♥♥♥

  3. Holy cow, you've certainly been creative and I love your drawing style! These are so sweet and fun! Superb subtle watercoloring too! Wishing you all the best in the new year.

  4. I'm so impressed, Mimi! Who needs stamps when you can draw your own images like this??? In fact, you should have your own line of stamps! These are as cute as a lot of images I see out there! And you did a lovely job of watercoloring washing! I especially loved the slime and I never thought I'd ever type those words in my life, haha!!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. You drew all of those????
    Come on now!!!
    I love em ALL but I think maybe the wee gnome is my favourite - I am partial to gnomes!
    Fab job teammie!!