Thursday, March 3, 2016


(Hi folks, I had a wonderful first week of February and then everything went downhill: work was busy x10, then a close friend met an unexpected end.  It's been one of those time periods where I've tried to go craft and end up sitting at my desk.  It's so frustrating-- I knew I needed the therapy, but could not lift my hands.  Then I sat at my desk yesterday, and after I spent some time just organizing, I did a bunch of little stuff with a lot of incomplete pieces... SOOO therapeutic!  Very satisfying on so many levels.  So what I've one was really alll pretty easy, but I am satisfied with all pieces-- this one in particular.  Here's to March!)

This is a juvenile common nighthawk.  Isn't it so cute?

I have had a special love for the common nighthawk since I was a kid at summer camp. The nighthawks would be flying over as we'd sit on Telescope Peak and listen to stories and look at constellations... I can see and hear them like it was yesterday. Disproportionately long wings,  elegant, with a distinctive call.  And you knew they were just getting mosquitoes like crazy for us! Love them.  I never thought about it, but those were probably one of the first birds I could identify.

Notes and supplies:
  • Library card base monoprinted with a Heidi Swapp stencil in Iced Spruce Distress Stain
  • Background was then casually lined with Stickles
  • I glued my little nighthawk on there, along with his name
  • Did you notice that my Rusty Hinge spot echoes the nighthawk's cheek? (click the image to enlarge... you shan't be disappointed...)
  • I added some sweet yarn/twine purchased a few weeks ago. It is olive-brown with some intermittent pale gold metallic flare. I love it! 
I plan to enter this into the following challenges:


  1. woooowww that background is sensational Mimi
    you too you are an artist
    I love this from a piece the idea and the color
    send to me dear
    you know my address hehe

  2. Wonderful design. Love the splash of color with this monochromatic color scheme. I enjoyed reading your story about the nighthawk. So glad that you joined us for Feature a Creature at Mod Squad.

  3. Sorry to hear Feb was not the best and I ole March is better for you. I adore the background geometric look. Lovely rustic feel to your project x

  4. Your card is lovely. So sorry on the loss of your friend.

  5. Mimi, so very sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts are you with during this hard time. Art can be very cathartic and it is wonderful you were able to create this lovely design in the midst of such a chaotic month. Your bird is divine and the echo of the cheek color is brilliant. Awesome sauce background as well. ~Niki

  6. What a cute card! That bird is great and your distressed and patterned background is so creative! Perfect for the geometric challenge. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Inkspirational!
    - Shauna

  7. MIMI! I'm the worst commenter EVER, but please know that thought bubbles, filled with delight and awe for your cards, come your way with every post you make! Your card here is amazing, and has all the more impact as it is infused with memory. Truly touching; truly artistic. My heart goes out to you in the loss of your friend; my dad passed away a year ago, and many the hours I stood at my crafting zone, unable to create no matter how hard I tried. It was only when I remembered that he and I 'co-conspired' on Christmas cards one year and several birthday cards over the years (He did the 'poetry'; I, the cards), that my desire to craft returned. He always, always read my posts, and although he never commented on my blog, he had something to say in emails or during visits. After he passed away, I was looking at his computer, and completely broke down when I saw that my blog was bookmarked. Yes, a minor detail but it meant the world to me! Every morning, since he passed, I've lit a candle for him...we have a little *chat*, I let him know I miss him...Anyway...Thank you for sharing your creativity and artistry with us at Inkspirational; geometric gorgeous!

  8. This looks like one of those metallic plates with vintage look that are so trendy and popular, especially in those shabby chic shops. And it's actually 'just' a recycled library card. I think it looks wonderful!