Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cute Card for Mom

Springtime is upon us... and apparently so is Mother's Day in the UK. Isn't every day Mother's Day???  Here's to you, moms!  I'm taking this opportunity to send my mom a card for spring. When I was growing up, she had this thing for white rabbits in the kitchen.  Some are still there, living on her counter.  Cookie jars... figurines. I know these guys aren't white, but this is a piece she will like.  My guess is she will tuck it up on the kitchen sink windowsill.

Supplies and notes:
  • The rabbits are from Heartwarming Vintage (I believe-- I'll update if not.)
  • They got a treatment of Tim's Distress Crackle Paint, and then I popped them up on dimensional tape
  • I sketched some branches and buds on the library card base, then blended then with a wet paintbrush.  After that, I sprayed with an overspray technique using Pumice Stone Distress Spray Stain, which gave it a nice, speckled look
  • The banners came from a Maggie Holmes die-cut pack. Ironically, one of the banners has printed due-date card! (That's like a forester with a plastic tree: AWKWARDDDD...)
  • The bow is old (but not too old) seam binding in a charcoal grey/olive green color.  To me, it's a concentrated form of the Pumice Stone Distress Spray color, which to me is always more green than even Iced Spruce Distress Stain...
Do you see the star on my shack? My sister bought me two of those for xmas! :-)

Here's the link to Cute Card Thursday... go see the cute Mother's Day cards!  I guess maybe it wouldn't hurt if I got an early start and made a card specifically for the holiday!  But like I asked: isn't every day Mother's Day???


  1. I love the look of crackel bunny
    cool really cool I believe your mom will be so happy to get this card Mimi
    lovely arrangement
    you are a real artist you dont need stamp...sentiment stamp you did by your self and all adorable if me ooh I am panic I need sentiment stamp cause my hand writing is bad Mimi hehehe
    now run to kids bring to taekwondo

  2. I so love Easter, my favorite! And these crackled bunnies have stolen my heart!!! The pennants are such a great detail! Adore this fabulous project!!! <3

  3. Your card is a rustic, charming nod to your mom's collection of bunnies. Pretty and, especially, infused with love. She'll definitely find a special place for it in her home. And yes, I noticed the it!

  4. This vintage image looks really old looking with the crackle paint, nice touch. It sounds like this is the ultimate personal little present for your mum. Mother's Day in Norway was in February, it's one of those events that are on different days in every country...

  5. Oh wow, this is fantastic! I love that crackle paint, I do love all things vintage and this is perfect! many thanks for joining us over at Cute card Thursday this week!