Friday, February 24, 2017

Tytonidae Tote *UPDATED*

How about this for transportin':

Tytonidae is the family name of barn owls.  Sounds cool, huh.

I bought tote bags to decorate. I want to test the washability of different mediums on different fabrics.
Supplies and notes:
  • Heavy canvas tote base
  • Distress crayons
  • Martha Stewart fabric medium, mixed approximately 1:1... maybe slightly more water... combined in a cup and painted over the drawn design
This is currently drying.  The Martha Stewart bottle says to let the design dry for 24 hours, then heat set... after that I will wash it. Fun, fun.

I'll share this as my second for the Simon Says Monday Transport It challenge, and my second for Make My Monday for birds.

UPDATE ON THE WASHING: The week was so hectic with MIL health issues that I never even went back to the craft shack for days... so this sat for about a week, and then I turned it inside-out and heat-set it for 30' in the dryer, then washed it in cool water and dried it normally.  There was some smudging and transferring of the crayon, but I feel like I knew that would happen.  Next time, I will focus more on painting the crayon with the fabric medium, really blending.  The thing is: that will take away some of that rough look that the crayon on canvas gives.  I'll keep you posted of any future experiments!


  1. Hi Mimi
    I love your TOTE
    so sweet
    Hope the color stay there if you wash sweety
    I love how you drew the Owl cuuuteeee
    On Monday I am at home cause children has holiday for a week
    Will catch up soon sweety
    happy weekend for you and family

  2. Oh my heck! You do TOTES, too? Does that crafty mind of yours know no limits? I haven't seen any limits yet and I love the way you see the world and translate your observations into rockin' art! This tote is fantastic and the colors are drool-worthy. What an intriguing experiment to see which colors do best on fabric! I shall keep posted and am looking forward to seeing what you learn. In the meantime, thanks for entering our Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenges. I always look forward to seeing what you share!

  3. Eeeek, I want one! Love owls! Good luck on the washing!

  4. What a fabulous tote! Hope it survived the washing! Thanks for joining us at Make My Monday

  5. What a fabulous personal bag, always useful. Love your owl. Thank you for joining us at Make My Monday. Emma

  6. Yes, please do a post to let us know if the medium worked and resisted through the wash. This is killer! Love love your hand painting and script! Hugs, Autumn