Tuesday, November 13, 2018

SOS 380: Tic-Tac-Toe!


I'm the proud hostess at Shopping Our Stash this week and I've come up with a Tic-Tac-Toe (because I always love them... hope you do, too!):

Here's one of the cards I've made to share:

This was made using the top row and the far- right column.


  • Main panel was a background made a couple months ago and was just in background stack.  It was made using a Hero Arts stamp heat-embossed with pewter EP onto some inexpensive watercolor paper and colored with Color Bursts in Burnt Orange, Yellow Ochre, and Sepia.  After trimming the edges, I ran Distress Stain in Brushed Pewter aroud it to cover the white paper edges.
  • The matting panel was made also a couple months ago on the same type of inexpensive watercolor paper, but this was a scrap that I had gel-printed on using unknown paints... could have been Liquitex... could have been Distress... I just have no recollection of it!
  • The leaf is an old, old stamp-- one of the first stamps I think I bought as an adult.  I bought this in Willits, CA, on a trip to visit Humboldt before I attended HSU.  So it must have been back right around the year 2000... hmmm... I know I've used this stamp before, so it would be interesting to see the way I remember the story of this stamp from the past!  Anyway, the stamp was heat-embossed on a  scrap of watercolor paper in pewter and colored with Lindy's Stamp Gang Magicals in Dark Chocolate Truffle and Rudolph's Red Nose.  Gorgeous.  Then I fussy-cut it and inked the edges with heavily neglected Distress Stain in Brushed Pewter.
  • The "Thanks" was heat-embossed with Pewter as well on a scrap of the gel-printed mat paper.
That is it!  I have some more to share this week-- let's just hope I have time!  The abbreviated weeks always mess me up!

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to seeing which way you'll play the tic-tac-toe!


  1. Fantastic card, beautiful job with the colour burst Wow 2000 that's really ancient, but it's a beautiful stamp and the perfect one to build the awesome card around.

  2. What a mixed media masterpiece! I just love this!!

  3. ok, i love every single thing about your card AND this week's challenge including that amazing board you made for it! i had more to say on this topic until i read that you attended HUMBOLDT state university, which i'm thinking HAD to be named after alexander von humboldt tho i cannot find any mention of it on their website. (feel free to ignore this, but coincidentally i had just re-listened to an amazing audiobook called "the invention of nature" by andrea wulf which is about AVH who it's kind of incredible i had never heard of before reading the book the first time...) (ps: sorry for the super tangential comment, in retrospect, this probably should'vee been an email lol) ♥♥♥

    1. I have had that book for years-- haven't gotten to it, but now I'll dig it out! Thanks!

  4. Simply gorgeeeeus dahling!!
    Love love love love it!!!