Tuesday, September 15, 2020

SOS 429: Make a mess!

Hello!  This week at Shopping Our Stash, I am the hostess and I challenge you to make a mess!

I was thinking about how often I don't go with my vision because the mess involved is prohibitive.  The supplies that come to mind for me are Color Bursts (which I LOVE) and my gel plates.  The Color Bursts just sometimes dust my desk and somehow I get errant pigment in my glue, and the gel plates just require trips to the sink (which is in the house and I work in the shack).

For this project, I decided on using my gel-plates because I haven't it a long time.  I think my buddy Autumn inspired me the last time I used it months ago.  I always have fun with it, so I did it!  Totally satisfying!

Here is the journal made with the fruits of my mess-making labor:

  • Cardboard base made using the back board from a watercolor paper pad
  • Fiber from my sting jar
  • Ribbon used to attach the fiber was also from my scrap jar.  I coated it with Mod-Podge and pasted it on. I loved that part for some reason!  I felt like I was building a book!
  • The gel printed pages were printed on this really thin and smooth Winsor and Newton coated pigment marker paper.  I got in for cheap at Ross years ago and don't really use it.  I thought it would be good for gel printing and I was not disappointed!  
  • Ranger gel-printing plate set.  I used the tag-sized plate.
  • The paints I used were from many different companies: Liquitex, Daler Rowney, and Tim Holtz Distress, all over a year old for sure.
  • Stencils used were also all over two years old: Tim Holtz, The Crafters Workshop, Plaid, Brett Weldele... I think that's it!
  • Love and Lemon washi added at the corners.  I got this last year, I believe.  
  • So, I printed the papers, then pasted them together and then created little signatures.  I stitched them onto a piece of vintage fabric that was just chillin' on my desk, using vintage grey wool thread which was also chillin' on my desk.
  • For the insides of the covers, I just grabbed two pieces of the library-card-art I make nightly in front of the TV.  
This was a very organic process-- I just went with the flow-- so I didn't think much about the "how's"... I just did it!  I will have to do this all again!  Don;t know what I will put in here yet... ideas?

Thanks for visiting!  Be sure you visit with my teammies from Shopping Our Stash!  Have fun making a mess!

*Note: my mom hates the nail color I used... I think it may as well be neutral but she was like, "Ewww mauve???"  Like I said, this day and age, I call it neutral... yes, mauve... but that's like a neutral!  Like a brown or something!s


  1. Wow this is AWESOME, what a process and well worth the mess. I used mine gelli plate for te first time but mine was so simple compared to your masterpiece.

  2. Beautiful work Mimi! I haven't touched my Gelli Plate in almost two years, but you have inspired me to give it another go! Thanks for the innovative ideas. BTW, I love your nail color. I use it all the time when I need to take a break from trying to be trendy and wearing all those funky colors! Hugz! :)

  3. My GOODNESS! Look at all those lovely pages. I could stare at them for days. I've yet to try a gelli plate, but looking at these it makes me want to. As for color bursts, I completely understand what you mean about errant pigment. It's like the colorful ninja that sneaks up on a project and splashes it with an unwanted hue.

  4. HOLY MOLY lady!!!! Look at that!!!
    Your art is always so amazing!
    OK so many of the crew used a gel / gelli plate and I have NO idea what it is, but I am totally gonna google it now...I am sure I NEEEEEEED one!!