Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SOS: Fussy-cut... back to basics!

Hi!  It's finally MAYYYY!!!!

This week at Shopping Our Stash,  we are going back to basics with regard to cutting... let's fussy-cut!

Fussy-cutting in this corner of Blogland means to cut something out specific to the design.  It is used with paper cutting and with quilting/fabricworks.

I most commonly fussy-cut birds, but I had these folks in my stash, and... well... how could I walk away?

Here's my fussy-cut couple:


  • Library card bases coated with matte Mod Podge and covered with old patterns in a strategically wrinkled fashion
  • The folks from the pattern pack were fussy-cut and adhered with more Mod Podge matte
  • The tiny bits of information from the pattern were attached with Distress crazing medium
  • Tim's stitching stamps used around the edges
  • The twine is ancient
  • "YOLO" (LOL) was added with Thickers... multiple years old.
Now, what the heck am I going to do with these?  They can't be separated!  Maybe give on a gift set of red and white wine?  Rum and coke?  Tequila and margarita mix?  I'm totally open to suggestions!

Now, do yourself a favor and go check out the rest of the SOS team... let's see whose hands cramped up the most during this fussy-cutting project!


  1. Mimi, these are "far out"! Really fabulous retro tags! I love folks from the patterns and I have my very own stash :)! I think the wine idea is the best, but perhaps on a gift of clothing, too.

    PS Yes, my fairy hanging is VERY sparkly and shimmery in real life. I even like it! Hugs!

  2. Awesome tags, love the pattern bits on them.

  3. Ummmmmmmmmmm I totally LOVE your retro couple!
    They are totally the cats meow and the bees knees all in one!
    I love their matching shirts!!
    Super fab take on the challenge!!

  4. Mimi wooooww
    I love the Image
    so adorable in blue
    feel Vintage too
    and what is the meaning of YOLO
    I love your creativity my friend
    try to catch up but I am sooo tired Mimi...
    will jump fast hehe

  5. Mimi, what an amazing pair of tags!! love the true vintage feel of them, I do remember seeing some patterns like this in my sweet maternal grandma's closet, I still remember the smell of those vintage packages.
    I will also ask you my dear, what is the meaning of YOLO? Never heard this word before.
    Fab tags!!

  6. No, you can't separate these two, they're like salt and pepper, or my favorite, gin and tonic, lol. Gift for a couple, one for him and one for her:)