Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Latte Love

Here is a card for entry into Share Joy Challenge #22:

I took inspiration from both the sketch and the image...

...be easy on me, though. My mojo was only in like 2nd gear with a cold engine at this point.  While it turned out cute, I'm looking at it now thinking how I'd like to overhaul it.

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: No coffee was harmed during the making of this card.  What you see is Vintage Photo Distress Stain... though I did dip a coffee cup into it for the ring. 
  • The tag is a library catalog card, cut down
  • The bow is True Hemp metallic twine
  • The silver tape is by my homegirl Martha Stewart
  • I wrote the sentiment with a calligraphy pen... don't judge. I'm no calligraphic chick... Though I had a kit when I was in 5th grade. Wish I still had it! 
  • Generic vellum adhered at an angle. This is one of the things I'd change if I could start over... I'd just put it on straight and normal  
This card will go to a gal at work who is always volunteering... she is fabulous, and I owe her like a million coffees. I'll give her a gift certificate to the local coffee shop.


  1. You have beautiful and stylish handwriting. New sentiment stamps are always on my wishlist, but you don't need that...

  2. ooh woooww I love love that coffee ring
    did you made with your cup of coffee or it is a stamp
    and yay yes agree again with Pia you dont need new sentiment stamp
    your handwriting is PERFECTO!!!
    Mimi really you are an artist you should be join one or two DT member :)