Sunday, October 25, 2015

Try It on Tuesday (or Sunday...)

Ahhh, I do love Halloween. I do. With the various blogs hosting Halloween-y (haha: I said weeny) challenges, it's been interesting to read different crafter's takes on their various levels of Halloween enthusiasm. It was thought-provoking because I always say,  "I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!" enthusiastically... but what do I love? I love the dark and macabre to the cutesy and sweet... I've articulated in my mind that I don't really like the scary-gory (chainsaws, gory body parts)... but I do like the scary classic vampire stuff... see? We all have our own grey area! Very neat to consider.  Or maybe I'm just a total nerd. (Yep, that's it.)

I began with this box a month ago thinking I'd bring it to work for the kids to enjoy but never did anything with it but crackle the top.  Then early on Friday morning an idea came to me!  So I've been adding a bit here and there, and now I'm done:

We were so busy Friday and Saturday... I did my crafting in bits, and sometimes that works,  but I think it resulted in a slightly disjointed project here: the graveyard scene doesn't really go with the vintage-feel of the cover, but it is all a little spooky.  At least this little project has inspired me to think about what I would do different next time-- pay attention to cohesiveness, for example...

I want to say that the inside of the lid (the crow side) had a darker background than it apears in the image.  Oooh, and you should know that the moon with the bats is hanging free, so it kind of wobbles! Cute!

I am entering this into the Try it on Tuesday for the "It's Frightening/Halloween" challenge.  I just looked at the projects by their DT and crafters... some people are just crafty devils!


  1. Great Halloween project. Thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Stunning box with great Holloween images. Thank you for sharing it with us at TioT.

  3. These boxes are amongst the most creative Halloween projects I've seen this year, also as far as recycling goes. Love them! So original and decorative, I'm sure you had fun making these.

  4. I agree, these are a great Halloween crafty project! Nice job! Very original!