Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Coffee Lovers #1

My mojo has been out of whack lately, as evidenced by my style lately: all over the place.

The Coffee Lovers Hop caught my attention, and mid-day I kind of had some coffee -inspiration!

This is the first card I made (...and the most summery):

  • Scraps of stashed paper
  • Tim's Mixed Media die
  • Coffee mug drawn on Strathmore watercolor paper then painted with Violet Color Bursts and generic brown acrylic
  • Green seam binding from my 
  • Tim's Patchwork stitching stamp inked with Color Box archival ink in Glacier Lake
  • Quote typed a few months ago
(Get ready to go down Memory Lane...)
I guess the summery-feel of this comes strictly from the brights, but it must be my roots in the 1990s shops... coffee is so dark to me.  Coffee+summer, to me, doesn't make me think of Frappaccinos (though I'll have a Midnight Mint and wash it down with a S'mores any day...)... no, to me, when I hear coffee+summer, I harken back to like 1996 when there was like one Starbucks in Roseville, and summer nights were spent drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes (though I was well under 18...).  I think of my goth-sister and her friends, and my "skater" friends.  I was definitely listening to The Breeders, Beastie Boys, The Beatles... Kelsey was listening to NIN, The Cure, Depeche Mode... 

So coffee and summer is special, but I'll have to stretch to make something much brighter than this... that will be a good challenge for me...


  1. Love all the fun details on this card!

  2. The paper and colors you used rock!

  3. It seems we listened to the same kind of music at that age.
    I didn't start drinking coffee until I was about 20, I moved to Switzerland to be au pair to learn French, and I didn't have the vocabulary to explain why I didn't drink coffee, easier just to swallow it, with lots of sugar. Now I drink it black. The green ribbon definitely adds that summery touch to your design.

  4. Beautiful card design and love the colors.

  5. What an awesome sentiment!! lol Great card.

  6. What a fun the story behind your very pretty card.

  7. another purple ooh I love this Mimi
    and lovely ribbon
    nice design
    and I am in love with your purple coffee mug card