Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another three-fer... UPDATED

Retitled: "Once there was a three-fer... that wasn't..."  Anyway...

"...and the stockings were hung..."

I planned to enter this into the following three challenges:
Supplies and notes:
  • So, just like my other card today, this was made with the page of a 1950s handyman manual. My awesome friend made a snowman out of this book and then gave me the snowman and the scraps! 
  • The bare fireplace looked so sad to me, and I immediately envisioned a holiday hearth!
  • After I cut little prototype stockings, though, I realized that I liked how striking they looked on the black and white, so I kept it like that. 
  • I added Aleene's snow to the stockings for the trim.
  • I also like it with no sentiment-- somehow it looks modern and vintage at the same time... wait,  that means CLASSY!


  1. Your awesome friend sounds super cool! Let's see the snowman! ;0 The image is wonderful and looks great against the pops of red!

  2. Back in the day, it was common practice to make these paper folded Christmas trees using a Reader's Digest magazine because they were made with newsprint and were a small but perfect size. Your post reminded me of them. Have a Merry Christmas!